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You have just walked into a toy store. You meander around even though you know your destination. That particular aisle you have found yourself on so many times before. You get there in a roundabout way. Halfway up that aisle you just stop and stare. You feel your heartbeat increase as your eyes widen. The bright colors and neat packaging have provided gist for your imagination. Possibilities and ideas flow freely as you start to consider your budget. You casually pick up the box as if you aren't sure what it is, but you know exactly what it is. Slight glances from side to side as you feel the weight of the box. You flip it over and see pictures of what lies inside. You question yourself, "Should I?" The answer that returns is "No, can't afford it this week." Having realized that, you still take that colorful box, still go to the checkout, still dig out your money and, rationalizing that you'll just cut back next week, still buy it anyway. You are an adult LEGO user. You can remember vividly about when you were young and first experienced LEGO. You always wanted more, but seeing as you were a kid then, you didn't have a job to buy more. Years go by, you grow up and take on the world's responsibilities. You may have started your own family or you may be single, but either way, one day you saw LEGO somewhere. You have seen it around for years, but now it has really caught your eye again. You find yourself buying a set and feeling dumb about it because you are a grown-up. Next time, you don't feel so dumb. The time after that, you are asking for assistance finding a particular set. You no longer care who knows that you are into LEGO. If questioned by your friends about playing with Lego, you simply state, "I'm a collector." Kids play, adults collect. You are now at the point we have all arrived at. It's a nice place to be too, because there are a lot of us out there, and when we realize that, we want to share the enthusiasm. Tell the world you love Lego and the world will answer you back. Join a club in your area, make contacts, find deals. Come on out and share your hobby.

Meeting Info

Our next club meeting is: Nov 12th, 2017 at Portsmouth
Art & Cultural Center at  420 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 
Our next show is: TBA

LEGO® Spoken Here

  · ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, the type of plastic that LEGO bricks are made from.  

· AFOL - Adult Fan of LEGO. The most common term used to refer to LEGO fans who are adults. Generally pronounced to rhyme with “hay-foal.”  · Ambassador - The title given to fan liaisons who represent fan organizations within the LAN. · Anti-stud - The indentation in the bottom of bricks and plates which serves as a stud receptacle and is one half of the mechanism by which LEGO pieces interlock.  · Billund - Billund, Denmark. Headquarters and primary design center for The LEGO Group. · Brick - A universal name for a LEGO piece, regardless of shape or color. Also: In LEGO element taxonomy, any roughly cubic LEGO piece which is 3 or more Plates tall.  · Brick-Built - A LEGO creation or portion of a larger creation that is composed of multiple LEGO elements even when a larger, pre-fabricated LEGO element or custom accessory may be available. Solving a LEGO problem through brick-built means often yields better results than using a prefabricated or custom element. · Bricklink - Bricklink.com, an online marketplace for sellers who specialize in LEGO sets and elements. A good place to purchase large quantities of specific pieces. · Brickset - Brickset.com, a LEGO set database which catalogs LEGO sets and their inventories. · Brickshelf - A now-outdated LEGO-specific photo hosting website used by LEGO builders to share creations.  · Builder - A LEGO fan whose primary interest is building MOCs. Contrast with Collector, though many fans are both collectors and builders. · BURP - Big Ugly Rock Piece. The larger of two classic pre-fabricated LEGO elements traditionally available in gray and frequently included in LEGO castle sets.. More experienced LEGO fans often encourage other builders to use brick-built landscaping rather than BURPs.  · Cheese Slope - A LEGO element with a 33° slope, 1 stud by 1 stud wide and 2 plates high. Useful for adding fine detail to LEGO creations. Named because the yellow and orange pieces look like a wedge of Cheddar cheese.  · Clone - Construction toys “compatible” with LEGO created and sold at lower cost, designed to compete with LEGO brand building bricks. Often used to specifically denote brands which infringe upon copyright/trademark (to distinguish from legal competitors). Considered off-limits by most LEGO fans. · Collector - A LEGO fan whose primary interest is collecting official sets. Contrast with Builder, though many fans are both collectors and builders. · Custom - A LEGO creation or individual element that uses non-LEGO parts or modified parts, including decals, paint, or accessories from third-party vendors like BrickArms, BrickForge, and Big Ben Bricks.  · Cuusoo - The name for LEGO Ideas during its beta phase. · Dark Ages - A period in a LEGO fan’s life when he or she sets aside LEGO in favor of school, dating, motor vehicles, or other non-LEGO pursuits. Many fans put their LEGO collections in storage or sell them during their Dark Ages.  · Draft - An activity common at LEGO club meetings, in which LEGO fans each bring a copy of a LEGO set, sort out all of the LEGO elements, and take turns picking the parts they want. An easy way to get the parts you want in larger quantities without buying multiple copies of the set yourself.  · Element - A universal name for a LEGO piece. Also: In technical terms, often considered to refer to a piece of a specific shape and color (e.g. a black 1×1 plate is a different element than a blue 1×1 plate).  · Eurobricks - Eurobricks.com. An online LEGO fan site and forums originally focused on European fans. · FBTB - From Bricks to Bothans. A LEGO Star Wars fan site and online community. · Flickr - A large photo hosting website frequently used by LEGO builders to share creations. Adding MOC photos to Flickr’s LEGO-related photo pools is a good way to show off creations to fellow fans.  · Greebles - Pseudo-technical detail added to a LEGO creation to enhance its appearance. Frequently seen in LEGO space and mecha creations. Sometimes Greeblies or Greebling. · Headlight Brick - A 1×1 stud brick with an inset stud on one side.  · Ideas - LEGO Ideas. A crowdsourcing platform run by The LEGO Company which allows fan to submit designs and vote on submissions. If a design gets 10,000 votes within a certain time frame, LEGO will review it and potentially produce it as an official LEGO set. The platform was called Cuusoo during its beta phase. · Illegal - LEGO building techniques that break the “rules” for connections between LEGO elements followed by official LEGO set designers — particularly connections that stress the LEGO elements. (e.g. inserting a plate upright between the studs on a brick.) · Inventory - The list of LEGO elements that are included in an official LEGO set. Several LEGO fan sites host set inventories, including Brickset and BrickLink. · Jumper Plate - A 1×2-stud LEGO plate with only 1 stud in the center. Useful for half-stud offset building. · LAN - LEGO Ambassador Network. The LEGO Company’s official outreach program for adult fans. LEGO designates fan organizations as an RLUG or RLFM and grants an ambassadorship with access to the LAN. LEGO distributes support to fan organizations via the LAN.  · LDD - LEGO Digital Designer. The LEGO Company’s official program for designing digital LEGO models.  · LDraw - Ldraw.org. A fan-created program for designing digital LEGO models. Supports Windows, OSX, and Linux.  · LEGO - A highly sophisticated interlocking brick system. Also a children’s toy played with by many adults. · LEGO Community - The worldwide network of LEGO fans and builders, composed of websites, forums, LUGs, clubs and more. · Legos - Oh no you didn’t! Technically, the official plural form for more than one element of LEGO is “LEGO® brand building bricks”. That’s ridiculous, though, so most LEGO fans refer to one or more bricks as “LEGO”, following the grammatical convention of “fish” and “sheep.” · Lowell Sphere - A 4x4x4 stud sphere constructed with SNOT techniques. Can be adapted to create tubes and other shapes. Developed by Bruce Lowell in 2002. A Lowell sphere also represents one specific size of the more general Bram Sphere. · LUG - LEGO Users Group, such as HARDLUG, SEALUG and WAMALUG. Initially used to describe a local or regional LEGO club that met and interact.  · LUGBULK - A LEGO program available to RLUGs and RLFM through which bulk quantities of elements may be purchased at discounted prices.  · LURP - Little Ugly Rock Piece. The smaller of two classic pre-fabricated LEGO elements traditionally available in gray and frequently included in LEGO castle sets. More experienced LEGO fans often encourage other builders to use brick-built landscaping rather than LURPs.  · Microscale - A scale for building models in which a minifig would be too large to represent a person. Varies between anything smaller than minifig scale to a scale where a figure would not be visible to the naked eye. · Minifig - Short for Minifigure. The blocky miniature figures featured in most LEGO sets. First introduced in 1978, the design is a trademark of The LEGO Company.  · Minidoll - The thin, curved figures featured in LEGO Disney Princess, Elves, and Friends themes. First introduced in 2012, the design is a trademark of The LEGO Company.  · MOC - My Own Creation. Any LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. Generally pronounced “mock” (not “Em-Oh-Cee”) · MOCpages - A LEGO-specific photo hosting website used by LEGO builders to share creations. At times unreliable and slow.  · MSRP - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. The official price for a LEGO set as established by the LEGO Group for a particular market.  · Plate - Any LEGO piece which is 1/3 the height of a Brick. · Purist - A LEGO creation that does not include any customizations, such as decals, modified parts, or custom accessories from third-party vendors like BrickArms, BrickForge, and Big Ben Bricks. A form of religious fundamentalism.  · Rainbow Warrior - The type of multi-colored LEGO creations that we all built when we were eight years old. · Render - A computer-generated image of a MOC designed using a digital building program, such as LDD, Stud.io, or LDraw. Considered by some fans to be inferior to physical creations since the builder is not limited by physics, collection size, or using only pieces which actually exist. This method nonetheless takes much the same skill and familiarity with bricks as traditional building. · S@H - LEGO Shop at Home. The old name for The LEGO Group’s direct-to-consumer sales channel, particularly the printed catalog and telephone service. Now also used by long-time fans to refer to the LEGO Shop online. These direct channels are often the only place to ensure that you pay MSRP. · SNOT - Studs Not On Top. A building technique that places LEGO elements on their sides or even upside down to achieve the shape or structure the builder wants in their creation. · STAMP - Sticker Across Multiple Pieces. A dreaded situation where a set’s instructions require a sticker to be placed across several pieces, ensuring the pieces can never be separated without ruining the sticker. · Stud - The distinct cylindrical bump or knob on the surface of LEGO bricks which fits inside an anti-stud and serves as one half of the mechanism by which pieces interlock. Studs are frequently used as a unit of measurement: e.g. a model is 40 studs long.  · Stud.io - Brickset.com’s official program for designing digital LEGO models. · Studless - A building style in which visible studs are minimized or, ideally, eliminated. Usually accomplished by a combination of tiles and SNOT techniques. · TFOL - Teen Fan of LEGO. LEGO fans who may be past the primary target demographic for LEGO sets, and who are likely avoiding their Dark Ages · Tile - Any LEGO plate which is devoid of all or most studs, giving it a smooth upper surface. · TLC - The LEGO Company. See TLG. · TLG - The LEGO Group. The family-owned parent company for all LEGO-related brands and companies worldwide. · TRU - Toys ‘R’ Us. Though roundly criticized by LEGO fans for inflated prices.  · UCS - Ultimate Collector Series. An irregular series of large LEGO Star Wars sets designed for older builders, often in large scale. Frequently used as a scale reference for LEGO fan creations that are larger than minifig scale, though some sets bearing the UCS moniker are minifig scale.